C3, Clipper Compatible Compiler (16, 32 and 64 bits)


MiniIDE.gif (32433 bytes)C3 is a xBase language compiler for 16, 32 and 64 bit's. It generates OBJs that may be directly linked to create an executable application for Windows.

On 16 bits mode it links with standard Clipper libraries and on 32 and 64 bits mode it links with own C3 ones.

On 32 and 64 bits mode there is no limit for the strings size neither for the arrays size.

C3 includes all the Clipper internal functions so it is very easy to port existing Clipper libraries to C3. Objects library is part of C3.

The RDD system is identical to Clipper one. Four database drivers are provided: DBF, DBFNTX, DBFCDX and EDBFCDX.

At the moment C3 offers the xBase compiler and the resources compiler. A Microsoft linker is required. C3 version 3 has been developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

All C3 users will have access to changes and upgrades through tech support section.